Month: September 2019

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The Need For Protein

In the quest for finding a good protein source, you’ll find SO MUCH information, some contradictory even, about protein. However, we can all agree that…

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Car Washing Tips -1

Taking pride in the exterior appearance of your car is a must for any car guy/gal. In my opinion, the exterior and interior appearance of…

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Since I have been working out I have gone through A LOT of earphone sets. That I can recall I have: Lost them, Damaged them…

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Perhaps one of the first and most basic components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to ensure that your body is receiving all the necessary…

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Turn Signals

You would think using the car’s turn signal, blinker, clicker, indicator or whatever other name you have for it is, something really inconvenient. Do people…

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Gym Towels

From the moment you walk into the gym and look around you can quickly spot the different types of gym users.     The serious ones…

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Hello everyone!

A quick and simple blog. Straight and to the point about interests and hobbies. Tips on workouts, nutrition, photography, cars and technology. I include product…

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