Gym Towels

From the moment you walk into the gym and look around you can quickly spot the different types of gym users.  


  • The serious ones giving 1000% to their workouts,
  • The not so serious ones mostly talking, taking selfies or just plain staring at others working out and,
  • Everything else in between.

The first thing I’m programmed to look for upon reaching each workout station is for a sticky, shiny, smelly splotch on the bench. There are just too many gym users who lack “gym etiquette”. If you are one of those people STOP! WIPE YOUR BENCH! If you are like me, you’ll wipe your bench before and after your workout. The last thing you need is to be sitting or laying on someone else’s fluids. Most gyms provide some type of cleaning solution and paper towels.

But that’s not enough. Always bring a towel to place on that bench. The few seconds you’ll lose wiping down the bench and placing a towel will be worth it.

I’ve chosen a thinner, lighter towel set from Amazon (see link below) to carry around. Basically the same microfiber towels I use to detail my car. It kind of prevents you from slipping off the bench when powerlifting. But please note this is my towel of choice for placing on the bench. 


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