Turn Signals

You would think using the car’s turn signal, blinker, clicker, indicator or whatever other name you have for it is, something really inconvenient. Do people have their hands too occupied? Are they turning or making lane shifts so fast that they cannot use a turn signal? Some do use it but they put it once they have already made the lane shift or hit the brakes to make a turn. 

Use common courtesy on the road. So many people are already on edge being stuck in traffic. Don’t just cut someone off and don’t force the cars behind you to brake just because you are incapable of turning on your indicator with enough time to alert the drivers around you. Learn to communicate. Maybe this could be the next online challenge! Using your turn signals every single time on your next trip. Who knows, maybe it might even decrease the amount of accidents on the road. Of course, something like this would never catch on. Too many “important” challenges out there to post about instead. 

By the way, not using to turn signal IS a traffic violation. 

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