Since I have been working out I have gone through A LOT of earphone sets. That I can recall I have:

    • Lost them,
    • Damaged them with all sorts of liquids,
    • Accidentally snapped the wires,
    • Dropped them and stepped on them,
    • Dropped them on the street and driven my car over them.

And that is just to name a few. I think it would be interesting to compile of list of the craziest ways people have accidentally destroyed their earpieces.

I have since decided not to spend so much money on earphones for working out. Instead, I search for less expensive options that are still good quality and won’t hurt too much to replace.

My search criteria has evolved to include being:

    • Sweat-resistant,
    • Having minimal or no wires that will get stuck or snap,
    • Having a very good battery life in between charges,
    • Feeling comfortable in all sorts of activities, and of course,
    • Having great audio quality. 

In my search, I found the SoundPEATS brand on Amazon. I was skeptical at first about a Bluetooth pod type set that met all my criteria at such a low price point. But I decided to give the black set a try. I have been so impressed that I even got my wife a matching white colored set. On top of that, they come with a little charging case that is capable of recharging the pods a few more times before needing to be plugged into an outlet. I conveniently drop the pods into the case and immediately they begin to charge. I’ve had them for almost two months now and they are my go-to set every time I hit the gym. The sound quality is great, they are very loud and feel comfortable even during my longer workouts. Not too bad for a $32 earphone set.



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