Are Cold Air Intakes Worth It?

It’s one of the easiest and least expensive performance modifications you can make to your car. There are also many options when it comes to CAI manufacturers. Some of them claim it can give your car anywhere from 5 to 20 additional horsepower.

While I believe that it does allow your engine to breath better (increasing cold airflow) the horsepower boost is hardly noticeable. Combining a CAI with a performance exhaust however, will help your engine perform more efficiently. Not to mention how good it will make it sound. The CAI’s alone have changed the sound my engine makes on all cars I have installed them on. Additionally, it gives your car such a better look under the hood.

I’ve usually stuck to Mopar CAI’s for my Dodges but I have heard great things about K&N CAI’s. I’ve used and recommend their oil and air filters.

In the end, a CAI is a worthy investment!

Author: sortoh_admin1

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